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Myth Busting Mindfulness

Updated: Mar 27, 2023

There are a lot of misconceptions around mindfulness, its use, and how to be mindful. Here are some of the myths explained.


MYTH: "I must have a clear mind and not get distracted by thoughts"

FACT: Our minds wonder! Trying not to have thoughts can make our thoughts more intrusive. Try observing your thoughts without following them. Allowing them to come and go like leaves on a stream.


MYTH: "I must feel calm, peaceful and zen during mindfulness or else I'm doing it wrong!"

FACT: We can't decide which emotions to feel (or not feel) at any given moment. Try allowing your emotions and physical sensations to be there, whilst holding a curious and compassionate mindset.


MYTH: I need to schedule time out of my busy day to practice mindfulness!

FACT: We can practice being mindful during the activities we already do daily! We can do this by using our senses as an anchor (as they are always in the present moment!). Try focussing on all of your senses when you are the the shower, eating your breakfast or doing the dishes.

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