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Amanda Rose



A therapy tip I regularly turn to is breath work and grounding. I find that focussing on my breath brings me back to the here and now where I can practice sitting with and accepting my emotions, in particular anxiety.


As a qualified BABCP Accredited Cognitive Behaviour Therapist, and Therapeutic Counsellor, I have experience of treating a range of psychological, behavioural and emotional difficulties. 


I have a special interest in Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT) which is a newer approach stemming from traditional CBT.  This approach can support us in shifting our approach to how we respond to our emotions, to enable us to move forward with our lives. 

A bit about me...

I have worked in the Improving Access to Psychological Therapies services since 2019, and have experience of treating a range of psychological disorders in this service.  Prior to this I have worked with adults and young people in educational settings supporting them with their mental health since 2010. 

My approach to therapy is to develop a relationship which is open and trusting, to allow us to better understand and explore your areas of difficulty. We can then decide which therapeutic model best fits for you, and can draw on aspects from more than one if preferred.

Through our sessions we will work to bring awareness to any patterns of thinking or responding that may be worsening how you feel. We will keep a collaborative style of working to identify how to move you towards your goals, or towards living a life more in line with your values.  I can work with anyone who might need support with a range of issues including anxiety, depression, anger, low mood, loss, relationship issues, bereavement or just those who need to talk and might feel a bit stuck. 

Theraputic Approach

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Working with a Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (CBT) focus can help us understand the unhelpful thoughts, beliefs and behaviours that are maintaining low mood or anxiety, and work to break this cycle to move towards your goals. CBT follows a therapeutic model and has evidence based protocols which can be applied to a range of mood disorders such as Depression, Generalised Anxiety, OCD, Health Anxiety, Social Anxiety and PTSD.

Using principles of Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT) can help us change unhelpful attitudes and emotional states through mindful behaviour, a focus on personal values, and commitment to action. 


My Integrative Therapeutic Counselling approach stems from person-centred therapy, the basis of which is that you are the expert on yourself, and that through our work we are aiming for you to reach your full potential. This is done within a safe therapeutic relationship of honesty, acceptance and unconditional positive regard. 

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Where I've studied

Canterbury Christchurch University

  • Postgraduate Diploma in Cognitive Behavioural Therapy - High Intensity (BABCP Accredited course)

Community Counsellor Training 

  • Diploma in Therapeutic Counselling (the core therapeutic model studied was Person-Centred Theory, Gestalt Psychology and Transactional Analysis, along with comparative models of CBT and Psychodynamic Theory.

Contact Me

Therapy sessions will typically be once per week, but can be bi-weekly. Length of sessions are 50 minutes.


We can work in person in the Canterbury area, or remotely through Google Meet. 


Typical pricing is £65 per session

I offer long and short term sessions but I am always happy to be guided by you as to how long you would like to attend. 


On the first session, I will complete a brief well-being assessment and have a chat with you to establish your goals for the sessions.

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